Horizontal vs. Vertical Sliding Windows: Which Is Better?

Are you in need of an urgent window replacement? Or maybe you’re simply searching for a more functional and stylish option compared to your current windows. Whatever your window needs, we’re here to help you decide on the best window option for your home, comparing the pros and cons of two popular styles, to show you which is better. We’ll consider the benefits of both horizontal and vertical sliding windows, and leave the decision with you to assess which is the best option for your style of property, and the budget you’ve set for your window replacement.

What’s the difference?

Horizontal sliding windows are very common for their functional properties. This window type allows the sashes to slide right or left, with both sides being able to open. Vertical sliding windows, also referred to as double hung windows, can be opened for added ventilation to your home. The central difference is that vertical sliding window sashes can be slid up or down as opposed to side by side!

What style will suit your home and where?

When looking to replace your windows, it’s always important to know what your personal taste is when it comes to interior concepts. If you are opting for windows that add to the modern feel of your home, horizontal sliding windows are your best bet.

You’ll want to ensure that your horizontal sliding windows are in a space where they’re easy to reach and open, such as the bathroom or kitchen. They’re a great option for the bedroom, providing the best ventilation option to keep your room light, airy and smelling fresh all year round.

Vertical windows are a great option for the exterior of your home, allowing you to see out into the beauty of your garden, where you are able to slide down the top sash and ensure the bottom one is kept closed for privacy, security and adequate thermal retention. They’re a particularly safe option, so having this type of installation in those areas that risk a breach of safety, such as windows on the bottom floor, is an important point to consider.

Essentially, it’s all up to personal preference. Selecting a window type that addresses your main areas of concern for your home is important when it comes to making a final decision. As window installation experts, we can help advise you on whether horizontal or vertical sliding windows are the right fit for you home.

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